Corporate Social Responsibility


We support sustainable development in line with the needs of the environment and society. We invest in people, science and innovation acting daily towards long-term quality of life in our society.

The company develops its business activities based on the respect for people and the environment, ie all stakeholders, and is committed to:

Comply with the National and E.U. Legislation related to our work.

 Ensure the supply of products and services in line with customer’s requirements.

 Continuously improve its products and services.

Provide an appropriate, safe working environment by enforcing environmental, health and safety rules at all stages of the production process.

Minimize environmental impact and Protect the environment.

Provide adequate and relevant training to its staff, focusing on Health, Safety and Environmental issues.

Follow and adopt international technological and scientific developments.

Apply Quality Management Systems for the systematic monitoring, measurement and continuous improvement of its operations and performance in Health, Safety and the Environment.

Encourage customers and partners to adopt appropriate Quality Management Systems.

 Provide all the necessary resources, both human and material, to achieve all of the above.

Promote effective and environmentally appropriate ecological practices.

 Regularly review and evaluate the Quality Management Systems implemented in order to fulfil the above commitments, aiming to continuously improve their effectiveness.

 Continuously develop knowledge in new areas of interest.

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The ultimate goals of the above commitments are:

Strengthening the satisfaction of our customers, associates, executives and the society as a whole, while cultivating a spirit of mutual trust with continuous improvement and broadening of our services.

Avoiding any kind of incidents affecting public health or the environment.

Promoting the environment as well as health and safety at our workplace.

The management of solid waste following best practices.

Responsibility for the implementation aforementioned commitments and the achievement of the objectives lies within the Company’s Leadership, Management, as well as all the personnel involved, permanent and external, to the extent of their skills, competence and acquired experience.

The company participates in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and is a founding member of the corresponding Greek Network, Global Compact Network Hellas. Among its objectives are:

Promoting the UNGC Principles in the fields of human rights, labour relations, the environment and anti-corruption, promoting responsible entrepreneurship practices among Greek businesses, contributing to the further development of the UNGC initiative, national policies on responsible entrepreneurship and mobilising businesses to contribute towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

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