Geotechnical Works & Surveys

Since 1997, the company has been successfully operating in the field of geotechnical works, providing a wide range of geotechnical services to clients from both public and private sector.

Our excellent training combined with the experience and expertise of our employees of academic and technical background ensure the quality of our services and the reliability in accordance with Greek and International standards and specifications in order to meet the requirements and the ever growing needs of technical projects.

The main objective of the company’s geotechnical department is the implementation of integrated geotechnical-geological studies that cover a wide range of technical projects such as:

  • geotechnical studies of foundations and building fixtures
  • geotechnical and geological studies of roadworks and railway works (embankments, mines, bridges, underground tunnel structures, other civil engineering works, etc.).
  • geological studies of housing eligibility, etc.

In order to achieve the primary objective, the successful support of the construction sector, INTERGEO has evolved a modern infrastructure of proprietary drilling equipment able to carry out the geotechnical investigations required for the research phase. This creates an independent and flexible basis that ensures continuity and homogeneity throughout the procedure (design-research-evaluation) and guarantees efficiency.

Our modern information systems and office machines play a key role in the successful implementation of our projects.

INTERGEO, recognising the importance of technology, is constantly updating its infrastructure, hardware and software, enabling it to respond to the constantly growing needs of the geotechnical design of technical projects.

Geotechnical Works & Studies – INTERGEO

Since 1997, the company is active in the field of geotechnical works and studies with great success.