Organisational Structure


Our scientific team is formed by geologists, hydrogeologists, environmentalists, chemists, chemical engineers, environmental engineers, mechanical engineers, geologists and specialized technical personnel.
Every single member of our team receives necessary training through periodic seminars organised by our Group at regular intervals, something that ensures the quality of the supplied services.
Intergeo’s commitment to soil and groundwater remediation as well as hazardous waste management. Since 1990, it has provided valuable experience to its workforce, attributed from the particular conditions needed in an emergency response as well as crisis management (leakage in sensitive receptacles, sea, aquifers, surface streams, underground spaces).

Organisation Chart

International Presence

INTERGEO operates through 33 subsidiaries in 18 countries worldwide

Presence in Greece & Cyprus

INTERGEO has completed and continues to perform daily, with great success, various environmental projects throughout Greece and Cyprus.
In order to properly execute and monitor all these projects, the company has established a second branch in Athens. There are also various company representatives in smaller cities such as Mytilene, Chania, Rhodes, Agrinio, Ioannina and Alexandroupolis.
In 2005, INTERGEO Ltd was established in Cyprus as an annex of INTERGEO Greece.
Moreover, INTERGEO branches such as in Turkey, Egypt and Italy are directly controlled by the Greek office.

Organisational Structure INTERGEO

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Organisational Chart INTERGEO

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