Vision & Strategy


INTERGEO seeks sustainable innovation in the environmental rehabilitation and hazardous waste management, evolving with a clearly defined set of core values

Our Vision

Focusing on the continuous growth and improvement of our services, we aim to gain the long-term recognition and confidence of the industry

We strive to be the independent environmental consultant of choice for all our customers and a respected name in the industry field.

Our Mission

By achieving commercial success and customer satisfaction, we aim to build a sustainable future for all community stakeholders.

We achieve this by continuously improving our business activities towards green environmental development as well as solutions to more specialised requirements.

We offer impeccable technical services, taking into consideration our customer needs, at reasonable costs.

Our Principles

  • Continuous improvement of our services and adaptability to market needs
  • We invest to our workforce by constantly offering incentives to employees
  • Compliance with the law, ensuring health & safety while safeguarding the environment
  • Immediate and coordinated response to every customer request

Our Values

We develop cost-effective solutions that create value for our customers, while enhancing the industry’s demand for the services offered.

INTERGEO and its staff give priority to ethical behavior and do not tolerate bribery or corruption.

“No work is urgent enough to disregard appropriate safety measures”

The three basic rules we enforce

  • Compliance with the law, standards and procedures
  • Interference with unsafe or non-compliant actions
  • Respect for our neighbors and to the environment

We continually focus on the quality of our services based on our customer’s needs and desires, aiming to his utmost satisfaction, while creating opportunities for mutually beneficial long-term cooperation and success

Our people are the heart of our company. We promote their continuous personal development, respecting and supporting their knowledge and experience

The main beneficiaries of our services are the environment and the local communities we work with. Together we strive to ensure that these vital pillars will benefit from our sustainable solutions

INTERGEO Vision And Strategy

INTERGEO Basic Principles

INTERGEO Values Framework